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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How can I find out what properties are currently for sale? How do I search property listings?

Answer: Property Listings can be found by going to: WWW.LYONCREST.COM/PROPERTYSEARCH

If you find a property that you want more information on, please contact us - WWW.LYONCREST.COM/CONTACTUS


Question: I received a letter from Lyon Crest Realty about Real Estate career opportunities. How can I get additional Real Estate career information from Lyon Crest Realty. What are the next steps if I want to work for Lyon Crest Realty as a Real Estate agent?

Answer: Make sure to read all of the information found at: WWW.LYONCREST.COM/CAREERS

If you think that Lyon Crest Realty is a good fit for you in a Real Estate firm, then contact us so that we can begin the next steps to start a Real Estate career with us -


Question: What does "Lyon Crest" mean? How did you come up with this name? How do you pronounce "Lyon Crest"?

Answer: If you look up the word "Crest" in the dictionary (aside from it being a top brand of toothpaste) or thesaurus, synonyms for this word include - top, peak, summit, crown, pinnacle, apex. All of these synonyms are rather positive and convey favorable connotations.

"Lyon" is a city in France with a vast history. Known at one time as Lugdunum it means "the hill of light" . Its origins began under the Romans (in the first century B.C.) when the city was declared capital of the three Gauls - bringing political, economic, military and religious development to the city. Near the end of the 15th century, Lyon became an important center of trade with its fairs and a well developed banking system. Today, many big European Financial institutions along with companies such as Lyon Crest Realty, have "Lyon" as part of the firm's name and heritage. (For ease of pronunciation, we pronounce "Lyon" like Lion even though we realize that "Lyon" is pronounced differently in Europe).


Question: Who owns Lyon Crest Realty? Who started Lyon Crest Realty?

Answer: Lyon Crest Realty was started and is owned by two University of Southern California (USC) MBAs. The mission of the company is to offer comprehensive real estate services to provide maximum convenience, efficiency, and customer care to our clients in a professional and comfortable environment. Lyon Crest prides itself on its directive for continuous improvement, constantly innovating and pioneering new management strategies, ideas, and concepts within the traditional real estate industry. Our Real Estate Brokerage business model blends both the traditional and new economy style of conducting a Real Estate Brokerage business, while providing maximum flexibility to the Real Estate agent.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Lyon Crest Realty - WWW.LYONCREST.COM/CONTACTUS


Lyon Crest Realty Contact Info

Lyon Crest Realty Group, Inc.
2549 Huntington Drive, Unit 102
- (Intersection of Huntington Drive & Del Mar Ave.)
San Marino, CA 91108 - USA
(626) 683-8800 - Phone
(626) 683-8811 - Fax
REALTOR@LYONCREST.COM - Email (Preferred method of contact)
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