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Our Services are the "KEY" to both your success and our success.

Listed below are Lyon Crest Realty Group, Inc.'s current services offered. For more company information about our firm, please click here.

Real Estate Brokerage services for the purchase, sale, and lease of commercial and residential properties - Click Here to Search for Properties

Real Estate Management of commercial and residential properties.

Real estate development of commercial and residential properties.

Real estate consulting: Investment, management, and development consulting.

Financial Services - Mortgage brokering, financing and loan application services.

Investment Services: Real estate investments.

Auxiliary services: Escrow, appraisal, insurance, publications, advertising, and others.

International packages and services for investors, immigrants, and students.


Real Estate Brokerage

Key Benefits
- Professional
- Friendly
- Knowledgeable
- Ethical

- Commercial (Purchase, Sale, Lease)
- Residential (Purchase, Sale, Lease)

Lyon Crest handles transactions dealing with all aspects of real estate with an uncompromising strive to provide our clients with the best possible service. Please let us know what your needs are so that we may be of service.

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Real Estate Management

Lyon Crest can help you manage your properties so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy most.

Basic Property Management
This includes fundamental property management services, including repairs and maintenance when needed. This type of property management is designed for the property owner that desires limited involvement.

Level 2 Property Management
This includes a large array of property management services, including repairs and maintenance, accounting, and additional services. This type of property management is designed for the property owner that does not want to be involved in the day-to-day management of their property.

Full Property Management

This includes the full scope of property management services, including repairs and maintenance, accounting, leasing and vacancy management, and additional services. This type of property management is designed for the property owner that does not want to be involved in the management of their property entirely or is unable to be involved because of their schedule or because they are consistently out of state or out of the country.

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Financial Services

- New Financing
- Refinancing
- Cash Out New Financing
- Merit Line / Equity Line of Credit
- All Credit Ratings

Whether you need a new loan for the purchase of a property, or if you were interested in taking advantage of the current market interest rates and refinancing your existing loan, Lyon Crest can be of service. With the multitude of different programs that we can provide, one is sure to meet your needs. Please share your plans with us so that we may be of service.

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International Packages

Under the international packages/programs, Lyon Crest Realty Group, Inc. has satellite locations established throughout Asia to provide maximum convenience to the company's customers and clients in each respective region. An updated compilation of available listings and the general details/photos of each listing are displayed at each satellite location (a website is also available for those who prefer to contact us directly through the Internet). Inquiries for more detailed information regarding specific properties can be made. Or, a custom search can be requested by the potential investors/immigrants/students, stating the criteria of the home they are looking for. Lyon Crest will then provide information on homes that fit the required criteria.

For a foreign national, searching for a home (whether it is for investment purposes or for inhabiting) usually takes anywhere from 3-6 months. For an interested overseas party, that would mean the great expense of traveling, room and board for the whole duration of the search, and loss of income (incl. opportunity cost) due to not being able to conduct business as usual. In addition to providing maximum convenience, Lyon Crest hopes to provide the most ethical and virtuous service possible, helping interested parties locate an investment property or a home that will not only suit the persons needs, but also maintain maximum value. The point is not how much a person can afford or is willing to pay/invest, but rather, what is the best investment/home a certain amount can buy based on the market value and the buyer's utility.

For investors, this provides an investment opportunity that would not normally be accessible and would be considered by many as a safe haven. For those requiring it, Lyon Crest would also provide the necessary services of obtaining legal advice and legal services for any and all necessary visas, permits, permanent residence, and citizenship applications. For students, Lyon Crest would also provide consulting (for the application process and to provide the interested party with a better understanding of the environment where the schools, colleges, and universities are located) and obtain the necessary applications. All these services are also provided for those that are interested more in the leasing/renting of a property (i.e. students) rather than purchasing.

With Lyon Crest, complete and comprehensive services are provided so that once a property is selected, only one trip (duration of 2-3 days) is required of the buyer to sign the necessary paperwork and to view and inspect the property. On the next trip, the buyer will sign the closing documents and be able to move in, eliminating the unnecessary cost and time that would normally be required.

These programs work equally well and are available to parties who already have a home or property and are interested in relocating or in selling their property.

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Lyon Crest Realty Contact Info

Lyon Crest Realty Group, Inc.
2549 Huntington Drive, Unit 102
- (Intersection of Huntington Drive & Del Mar Ave.)
San Marino, CA 91108 - USA
(626) 683-8800 - Phone
(626) 683-8811 - Fax
REALTOR@LYONCREST.COM - Email (Preferred method of contact)
Driving Directions

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